Anonymous asked

"zac efron for callum please?"


Anonymous asked

"this place still alive? D:"


taylorbjorks asked

"can i reserve kristen stewart for rae? c:"

yes ma’am!

ttaylorsswifty asked

"just wondering if there was a certain tag people have been using to pre-plot, if there is pre-plotting going on?"

our tag is remembering sunday rp but i don’t think many people have pre-plotted or anything tbh.

weaseleys asked

"rosie tupper for charlie, please? c:"

yes ma’am c:

barbiepalvins asked

"amber heard for grace?"

of course!

midnasbitch asked

"pixie lott for lise (:"


allisonargentful asked

"lyndsy fonseca for violet please!"


mergnerdo asked

"chris colfer for aurelish please :3"

you got it~

ltvalerii asked

"Oo, may I ask what the plot is? i will probably still want to reserve him!"

i’m not quite sure because gem hasn’t written the request, but you may head over to her ask and chat with her!